Show Review: Skeleton Hands’ Record Release Show @ The Troc Balcony!

Last weekend, after watching the Flyers win against the Rangers in their ill-fated playoff series the dudes in my band, a close friend of mine and myself left the bar in center city. That night Skeleton Hands were having their record release party and Larry (guitar/singer in my band Drugstore) had suggested a few weeks back that we plan a guys night and go see them. Through the eventual tight knitting of Philadelphia’s social structure, Larry had been at a party with a few of the guys in the band and they invited us out to the show. Figuring it was a Friday night and not much else but the game was going on we all ventured over to The Troc to check them out and being that it was my first time seeing all three bands I had a bit of an idea as to what to expect, but had no idea it would be this RAD!

Wizard Eye @ The Troc – 04/25/14

When we walked in Wizard Eye had just started to play. The guitar player’s gnarly long dreadlocks and crushing fuzzed out stoner metal sound were the first noticeably amazing things about this band. They had this infectious groove to their set that when I looked around I saw everyone’s head nodding to the music. I mean these guys were heavy as fuck with the bass way up in the mix driving their sound, the guitar as I mentioned was fuzzy with great doomy, stoner metal riffs, and solos that took you on a journey out of this galaxy. The drummer was straight up killing it with his straight ahead approach with awesome fills and the vocals were a raspy yelling style singing that I found to be a bit more interesting than some other stoner metal bands I’ve heard.

The Dirty Cut @ The Troc – 04/25/14

After they got done I ordered another drink, saw a dude I was in a band with a while back, shot the shit with him and then The Dirty Cut came on! I remembered Dustin (their frontman) from a band that he played in from our hometown and his new project is significantly heavier than the last one! These guys had an energetic stage presence that kept me enthralled the entire time they played! Their sound has the speed of punk, heaviness of some of the best stoner rock music I’ve heard, classic rock vibes and a touch of psych and grunge. Their music has thought provoking song structures that fucking rock and not to take away from the other acts that played this show, but they were my favorite band of the night!

Skeleton Hands @ The Troc – 04/25/14

Finally, the main act, Skeleton Hands, took the stage and out of the gates just started slaying it! To commemorate the event they all wore suits (except for the bass player, he had a suit shirt on, which was quite comical) and just straight out of the gate they commanded the attention from the audience. Their hard, stoner rock sound was just that, no frills or crazy effects, it was straight ahead and they killed it! Blaring guitar solos, smashing drums, growling bass and vocals sang with sharp grittiness went well with their high energy on stage! My favorite moment of the night was when they played “Skeleton Hands” and everyone had their hands in the air in a claw like formation. It was fucking awesome!

The show was totally killer! All three acts were amazing and I definitely recommend checking them out if you are an enjoyer of fine stoner rock/metal! It looks like you can download everything off of their bandcamp pages, but I would encourage you to pay something or at least get stoked on it and get out to their shows!



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